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Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Climate

The 5 Cs of Arizona, on a tower. Plus, a bonus lizard.

Marcos De Niza Trail

Date Porn

Shields Date Garden


Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum has an amazing diverse collection -- especially for a small town museum. I suspect it has some wealthy benefactors to thank. Thank you.

If you sit down for too long in this museum, they rope you off and make you an exhibit

Palm Springs Art Museum


Palm Springs Art Museum

As we walked about the museum, I kept noticing that two women were laughing hysterically nearly every time I saw them. I then noticed that they were looking at the paintings and sculptures through Snapchat face lenses.

Try it. You'll laugh too.

Chocolate wallpaper

Palm Springs Art Museum

The walls are "papered" with chocolate. Sophia likes this room.

Thankful Thirsty Thursday

La Quinta Brewing Company


Kenny Irwin's Robolights

Christmas in the land of repurposed toys...