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Challenge Accepted


The Foot Soldiers

16th Street Baptist Church

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kelly Ingram Park

I ain't afraid of your jail

Segregation is a  Sin

Peace Be Still

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave

Wigwam Village #2

Wigwam Village #2 in Cave Creek, Kentucky, is one of seven concrete tipi motels built between 1933 and 1950. Only three of the seven still exist today. The tipi-shaped design (incorrectly labeled called a wigwam) was the brainchild of Frank A. Redford who created the first Wigwam Village around his Indian artifact museum and shop in Horse Cave, Kentucky. Wigwam Village #2 was built in 1937, a few miles from the original.

We spent a night in Tipi #1, which provided accommodations similar to other older cheap roadside motels. The bed was equipped with the perfect mattress for simulating the experience of sleeping on the ground while camping. In spite of waking up with a slightly sore back, this was a fun and different place to stay. I'd sleep in a wigwam again.

Diamond Caverns

Big Four Bridge

Louisville Sunset

Against the Grain