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The Big Chicken

In Marietta, Georgia, there is a chicken so large that Air Force pilots use it for navigation. It is also a restaurant.

Red Mile


We made an unplanned stop at Toyota's Georgetown plant in hopes of getting a tour. Tours were booked but we did get to explore exhibits about the plant and the Toyota Production System in their visitor center. 

Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling

Thoroughbred Park

Please Smoke Inside?

I May Be Eaten By A Grue

Little Creeps

Paintings by Eujeanmean (Casie Lewis).

Let's Go To The Movies

A private showing. I bought out the historic Kentucky Theater for $16. ;)


Good food. A bit pricey. We had the place to ourselves. Monday night.


Undead Mall

Build it and they will come; or not. 

The Cincinnati Mall appears to be a 50 million dollar ghost town that has been failing to attract good tenants and shoppers for most of the past quarter century.

Given the tiny audience, the ad rates better be cheap.

Pigs are flying, but this mall is still empty.

The ONLY open tenant in this mall is an arcade.