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Restaurants Near Me

OK Google,

These are not restaurants.



Big Bend Coffee

The best coffee of this roadtrip came from a small-town laundromat. Check out Big Bend Coffee Roasters Coffee at Farma at the Tumbleweed Laundry, in Marfa, Texas.


Where is Abraham?

They say Abraham Lincoln is in them thar hills.

Human Dissection

In spite of the monument, dissecting humans is currently not permitted in the park.



Alton, Illinois, is a Mississippi River sits about 15 miles north of Saint Louis. The city once thrived on manufacturing; but as manufacturing along the Mississippi River declined, Alton has transformed itself into a tourist destination.

The pink line painted along the side of the mill marks the high water level during the 1993 floods

The Argosy Casino attracts tourists and their money

The Clark Bridge (in the distance) crosses the Mississippi River; connecting Alton to West-Alton

Alton Riverfront Park

Alton, Illinois, is one of the few river cites we've encountered so far on our journey up the Mississippi River from which views of the river are not obstructed by levees or flood walls.