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Duncan Highway


Old Dolin Mill

The Old Mill iis the reason why the town of Ruidoso formed. The mill was built after the civil war as a sawmill. Ruidoso was a prime location because it was close to Fort Stanton and had both forest (for lumber) and water (for power). After struggling to make the property financially viable as a gift shop or museum, the owners now make it available as an event venue. It would be sad to see this piece of history fade away. If in Ruidoso, stop by and give the old mill your support.

Little Green Men

Some little green men aren't so little.


Hubbard Museum

Maybe I should get an RV for my next roadtrip. This one has a kitchen, convertible top, and runs on renewable resources. However, I'm not impressed with the suspension.


Hubbard Museum

My photos turned green all by themselves. It's either a software bug or aliens. I'm going with aliens.

Frozen Horses

Roadside Assistance


This is Stan. He is asking for donations to help fix his vehicle that he claims to have crashed just outside of town.


Old Frazier Schoolhouse